I’m glad you found me!

My name is John Fritze Jr.   I am a third generation goldsmith. I started working as an apprentice for my father before I graduated from high school. That gives me more than forty six (!) years of experience behind the bench, actually making, setting, repairing, designing and appraising every type of gold, platinum and silver jewelry and gem stones. I do this for a very select clientele and several major and minor retail jewelry stores and antique dealers. My hands are stained black and full of cuts and callouses. That’s because I actually pick up tools and work with my hands on hot metals.

On this website you will find my BLOG giving you insight and useful information about the jewelery business.  You’ll be able to ask me questions about all the things that seem mysterious and magical relating to jewelry. You can see a portfolio of some of my work.  And of course there is contact information.

My grandfather Magnus, in his own shop in Albany, NY

me doing CAD