WOW! Pretty Kewl!

The other day I received an e-mail out of the blue, telling me that I have been awarded some kind of recognition for my jewelry blog. Me? Out of the hundreds on the internet, mine caught someone’s attention. Kewl! Being a bit skeptical I decided to look at the sender and his page and noticed several web sites I have looked at over the years by other bloggers, and it looks pretty legit. Double Kewl! The fellow’s name is Paul Gian, and he is offering a free E-Book on how not to get ripped off when buying a diamond. The title of the book is curiously enough: “Don’t Get Ripped Off When Buying Diamonds”. I am a HUGE believer in educating the public on gem stones and jewelry. I always spend at least and hour talking about diamonds before I even will show one to a prospective buyer, after all I am also a GIA graduate. I look at Paul’s book and I am pretty impressed! There are a few fine points I might dispute, but really overall there is a wealth of useful info and it is written like a dialog and not a text book. It is worth the download and the read.

I have been considering writing a blog or two (or more) about diamonds and this might just entice me to do it. It is a huge and interesting topic, and just like the chapters in Paul’s book, I will need to break it into sections. Diamonds are the most commonly purchased gem either as a center stone to a jewelry item or as accent stones in sculpted metal or to another colored stone.

Anyway, here is the award:

60 best diamond blogs online

And if you are interested in some other blogs and web sites who were also recognized check out Paul Gian’s page: BEYOND THE 4Cs

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