14 karat Twisted Dragon pendent

While searching the internet I found this interesting design. The twisted dragon pendent shown is a copy of a Viking piece dating from about 900AD. It is of the Urnaes style, and was formed in silver which was considered the most valuable metal at that time by the Vikings. It is believed to be a navigator’s talisman, for if you wore a twisted dragon you would never get lost. Interestingly, the original pin was found in a woman’s grave. Such an incredibly beautiful piece of art indicates that Vikings may not have been the barbarians they have been portrayed to be. The following is Frigg’s blessing to Odin at the beginning of a long journey, which I believe is appropriate for wanderers still:

Unharmed go forth,
Unharmed return,
Unharmed back home

I made the original “artist’s proof” pendent in silver, totally by hand. Afterwards, I had a mold made so additional pendents could be cast.

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